Slouching Towards Bethlehem
Sistine Study #2

[Graphite on Strathmore Paper]

    Here the use of crosshatch and single stroke line again supplies the definition
of the subtle form, the rigid geometric blocks are in stark contrast to the soft rounded
figure achieved by a myriad of single strokes, no smudging, no blending, so that, no matter
close or dark the area crosshatched there is always the brilliance of the ground coming thru,
thus letting the viewer's eye form the connections. Inclusion of the pyramid, 5,000-year
petroglyphs, and a Tibetan mantra completes the piece.

XL: 40x50.25 inches - $500,  L: 32x40 inches - $400,  
M: 18x22.75 inches - $300,  S: 9x11.25 inches - $150