Sacred Geometry 101
[Pastel on Blue Canson]

    This piece on the philosophy of perception as synthesized by Galileo Galilea in 1623
“...Philosophy is written in that great book, the is written in the language of
mathematics, and its symbols are triangles, squares, circles, and other geometrical figures
without which one can not understand a word, without which one wanders through a dark labyrinth
in vain”. With the use of complete opposites on the color wheel as well as the purely geometric
forms and lines, placed against the organic human form - I have forced the inherent disconnect
by their juxtaposition. Masonic, American Indian, and Tibetan symbols hint at the discovery of
abstract underlying patterns in the universe, hidden beneath the surface of atomic matter.

XL: 62.25x40 inches - $500,  L: 40x25.5 inches - $400,  
M: 28x18 inches - $300,  S: 14x9 inches - $150