Red Square
[Mixed Media: Charcoal, Pastel, Wax, Oil, and Scribing on LaCarte Board]

    The organic flow of the figure contrasts dramatically with the pure geometric areas.
The calligraphy of ancient Tibetan, denoting a mantra for forgiveness and the symbol
of Om, the archaic spelling of the name Jehovah, never to be spoken by gentiles,
therefore written in esoteric code, and the horizontal movement accentuated by the
universal binary code. The scribing with an engravers stylus lends a luminous feel
to her flesh juxtaposed against the brilliant red of the reflective light on the
figure and red square.

XL: 53.5x40 inches - $500,  L: 40x30 inches - $400,  
M: 24x18 inches - $300,  S: 12x9 inches - $150