The Long Ago Future
Sistine Study #1

[Mixed Media on various papers]

    The basis for this piece is Michelangelo’s ‘Study for the Libyan Sibyl’, which,
when combined with different paper weights, grounds, ink, charcoal, and pastel
gives a unique character to this work. The pyramids are all at 52 degrees as well as
all the triangles in the composition, the lost language represented in the dark
square on the right is of ancient Sumerian and Chinese origins believed used to
summon the intractable from the ether. Again, my use of incongruous colors and
pure graphic line, compliments the realistic ‘renaissance’ figure and its implacable
enigmatic androgengy.

XL: 49x40 inches - $500,  L: 40x32.75 inches - $400,  
M: 22x18 inches - $300,  S: 11x9 inches - $150