Fate Gives No Quarter
Sistine Study #3

[Oil and Wax on Canvas]

   The classical principles of Michelangelo’s renaissance figures work with the
pluralism of geometrical form [square, triangle, and circle]. The seeming lack
of relative scale of the universe, the graphic beauty of ancient Arabic, Tibetan
and long lost calligraphy, and the ubiquitous UPC and binary code
(the ‘lingua franca’ of the 21st century) commingle to form the frieze up the
left side of the canvas, lend the work a feeling of universal synchronicity,
a bridging of matter and mind, even though in the universe, all size as well
as time, is relative.

XL: 40x53.5 inches - $500,  L: 30x40 inches - $400,  
M: 18x24 inches - $300,  S: 9x12 inches - $150